wet pebbles

Nana's Notes

check your sources. . .

seven years later
wet pebbles
turned 65 yesterday. . .haven't been here since 2010. . .suc ha strange trip for sure. . .where to start. . .maybe just continue. . .glad I came across this from a link in an old facebook post. . .a lot of writing I did ! And wonderful memories of the grandkids. . .and the kids. . .and the hubby when we were living a happy dream in the 3rd little house in the sky. . .all gone now. . .grands grown. . .kids in their 40s. . .I turned 65 yesterday and marched in the womens march to protest this surreal new presidential regime. . .in seattle we marched. . .i am single again and live in someone else's house. . .in a room. . .a blue room. . .no kitty, no hubby, no magnets to pull me home, wherever that is. . .i gave all those fridge magnets to my daughter last week. . .divesting, divesting. . all my life is in one blue room. . .and i miss my husband and our life but he turned into someone else and so did our life. . .so i left. . .and last night, at midnight, on my 65th birthday no less, he send me a facebook message to say he is deciding whether to live. . .because since i left his life has fallen apart. . .slowly but surely. . .but i can't save him anymore. . .i left four years ago to save myself.

but i don't feel very saved.


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