wet pebbles

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Sunday Slam Sermon
wet pebbles
haven't done one of these in a while, kids. . .pen is a bit rusty. . .best to dive right in, although these words are a bit more of a challenge than i'd like after a writing break. . .but here goes!

the words: name, living, Arabia, vixen[s], dump, camel, verucca[s]
peat, mirage, musk, pot-bellied, terracotta, scheme

the source: The Queen of Sheba, Kathleen Jamie

the poem:

lost in the desert

do you know my name?
i am living in Arabia now
like a vixen, sleek, red
sly and carnivorous,
flashing yellow eyes

i see children all around me
in this dump, living side by
side with the dusty camels
catching all their diseases
running their verucca infested
soles over the dirty sand

i sit in the blinding heat
dreaming of peat bogs
cool green trees and
raised glasses in the pub:
a mirage of other times

when I wasn't a musk smelly
fox, pot-bellied with hunger
licking warm water from
some broken terracotta
scheming desperately to get home. . .


(that was hard!)

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But you came up with a dandy!!

why thank you miss annie ;-)

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