wet pebbles

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Sunday Slam Sermon
wet pebbles
the words:

wrong cast pray prosper music disdain captivity
play vows gold

the poem:

regrets like little boats

is it so wrong
to cast fate like
little blue paper
boats into the sea
and pray they find
safe harbor?

or maybe i will
fold them from green
paper and set them off
to prosper, money stacked
thick and close like
the lines on rich
sheet music.

do i disdain wealth?
no more than i disdain
action prompted by fear. . .
i have been held in
turbulent captivity
by my fears for so long!

i want to escape the hold
walk the plank play in the
swells of wild salt and
make vows to no one.
courage then is
the most promising
booty, the most
certain chest of gold.

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Oh keep that one - work on it some - but keep it, it has great potential!

thanks annie - i kind of think it sux though ;-) i am going to post another one, from last week, now.. . i think it is MUCH netter :-) thank you for your constant support of my writing efforts!!!!

doesn't suck - basic idea works - just needs messing about with!!

ok - when i am retired ;-)

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