wet pebbles

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Sunday Slam Sermon
wet pebbles
the words: Pitched, mineral, mental, crossed, crystal, association, slave,
duality, equipment, tent


the poem:


steep and sticky as a pitched
tar-paper roof in the southern sun
acrid bite like mineral water
from the sulphur spring
this mental jousting
this ever-crossed purpose
we find ourselves
negotiatng time and again

nothing is crystal clear
but some things ought
at least be agreed to
in this association of love
and lust and income and outflow

"we don't choose who to love"
if that is true then we are indeed
slaves to our hearts kaplunk kerbump
pulsing rich red and unavoidable
drowning us in the harsh duality
of sensible and sensual

i don't have the equipment for that,
for that tuggle to last forever;
i grow tired. . .i want to
meet in the middle, in an origami
folded tent like a green flower or
a canvas cup to fill
with our accord. . .

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