wet pebbles

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May Haikus - Twaikus
wet pebbles
all voices carry / but mine is too disturbing / i must learn silence
12:06 PM May 1st

a friend called today / while the clock ticks marking time / we spend some minutes
8:23 PM May 2nd

the sky clouds over / baby's gone on a jet plane / no more sun today
6:54 PM May 3rd

angry wind and rain / shutting off the computer / lamp blinks fast! on off
12:39 AM May 5th

driving all morning / two lanes awash in wind rain / suddenly: sun dappl'd!
6:52 PM May 7th

four generations / my son BBQ’d salmon / happy mother’s day
May 10 at 8:42pm on FB only

from my daughter, Kat Oak
a cacophony / crystalline birdcalls & coos / climb up the treetops
4:32 am May 18th on FB

when the budget cuts / training is the first to go / just pay my unemployment
5:20 PM May 18th

miracle morning / sun washed tepid air and a / few dollars to spend ;-)
9:51 AM May 21st

rich asian noodles / soba udon somen strands / steaming dinner time
8:50 PM May 21st

yesterday’s mishap/of missed boats and caught traffic / ended fine: friend, wine ;-)
11:20 AM May 24th

my wish to all our sailors / sail home safe sail home soon, throw / those anchors away!
11:54 AM May 25th

mason’s preschool graduation
they are shy; they march / bobbing red caps gowns balloons/ preschool commencement
10:27 PM May 26th

Proud Parents and Child! Beth, Mason, Gavin


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