wet pebbles

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sunday poetry slam sermon
wet pebbles
the words: earth sky children brought rebelled cattle
owns drag covered ointment vineyard worship

the poem (forged from emotions swirling around the recent loss of that most awesome cat - Miss Lu - RIP)

between earth and sky the spirits of our children
(human feline canine)
brought forth in trust and memory and courage
(even as we rebelled, afraid)
between sea and heaven the energy of our children
(bovine equine serpentine)
owns our very spark and thrill of soul and mind
(even as we must be dragged into acceptance)
ah these newborns covered in the white slick ointment
of life of love of joy of pain: we risk it all
to love again and again and again, only to finally
lose; or be lost. . .or have we?
this vineyard is RICH in the mingled tears and
heart thrills of that circle and we worship
at the altar of nuzzles, purrs, lows, licks
the sugar the sweet of it softens the pang. . .


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