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long time no write
wet pebbles
hmmmm. . .nothing since January. . .been facebooking too much I guess! Gotta wonder how Live Journal is faring against the onslaught of FB. . .

Many many thoughts of late. . .should capture them here, for my own clarity. Pictures, too. I will be back.

Quick thoughts in this moment:

^ glad I had a good phone visit with Sean this past weekend and that he sounded so relaxed and happy :)

^ glad it was CHEAP to fix my old Honda's AC since we are FINALLY having some 80 degree weather in the PNW!

^ glad I have a job! with benefits! ah this financial climate is scary. . .was behind a young man in line at Subway sandwich shop today. He was 90 cents short to pay for his lunch, and his debit card was declined. He looked so stricken. . .embarrased. . .I handed him a dollar. Glad I could do that.

^ glad I have a husband! Life is much nicer shared :)

^ glad I have such wonderful, amazing children and children-in-law. . .and grandkids! And my sweet sister and HER kids and grandkids! And all the dogs! And my very fat cat! I am very very blessed in my family. . .

^ glad for all my grrlfriends. . .and for the AMAZEMENT of reconnecting with a few from high school, 40 years in the past! ahh the magic of facebook. . .

^ glad I live by the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea. . .

some recent haiku:

on driving across the soaring green suspension bridge between Washington / Oregon, at Astoria. . .

Fri, 30 Jul 2010 15:00:32 PST
a mirror pond flat
water reflects green girders
old iron bridge rises

on reading a friend's wrenching poetry as she deals with new widowhood. . .

Thu, 22 Jul 2010 12:26:56 PST
in the stark white space
calligraphs of emotion
she speaks her stunned heart

that's all for now :) oh - except for my very fat cat. . .

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I'm glad for all your blessings, too!

As for FB...well, but for the few times I can catch up on the odd grandchild's activities, I could do without it, except for the Lexulous game I play with one friend. A message via email is private, and no more difficult to type!

oh i like lexulous too - shall i begin a game with you? are we FB friends? I am on there as seamuse52 so friend me :) I have reconnected with so many great people from my past that I thought to never know again, via FB, so i do like it. .. but this place is a better journaling medium methinks - glad it is still here :) I need to go check out what you have been writing lately! xo Viki

I have very few people in my past that even know how to use FB! Most are Luddites without even an email. Plus any people in my past who are still alive are not really people I want to re-connect with, else I'd have been connected ages ago. The odd email suffices for distant new-found relatives, with whom I've nothing in common but a maiden name.

If you would like to open a Lexulous game that's fine with me, and I'll try and check it at least once a day.

Nice to see you are still writing haiku - my life must be too serene for I've not written a poem for ages and ages.

yeah - i tend to write when i am angst-ing too, ha ha! but haiku not so much. . .I write lots, mostly bad, mostly to express beauty or joy. . .so that's good - almost like my own little sermons to me :) haiku therapy! noticing moments. . .helps with keeping my perspective in these troublesome times.

i usually don't check my Lexulous games but as few time a week if that's ok?

Fun to see you here lady :)

Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article

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